The Scarlet Files: the extent of the damage.

front_end.JPG (29841 bytes) The following pictures make grim viewing - Scarlet has definitely seen better days.

Here's the front end of SF, after we'd supported her on axle stands. Note extensive front left quarter panel damage...

front_quarter.JPG (27474 bytes) ... which is shown to greater effect here. Note how the wheel has lazily fallen to the ground - the reasons for this become more apparant later.
front_end_and_sill.JPG (22869 bytes) Side view of that front wing. These panels have been shifted backward - as can be witnessed by the closure of the panel gap around the leading edge of the door.

Note too the damage to the front sill - hopefully mostly cosmetic...

rear_quarter_damage.JPG (19974 bytes) Rear quarter damage - amazingly, the quad rear light clusters survive intact!

Note rear bumper damage, and loss of exhaust pipe finisher.

rear_end.JPG (24608 bytes) Rear end view - as Andy looks forlornly on...
open_boot_seams.JPG (17531 bytes) Inside the boot, there is damage to the internal welds, where the seams have pulled apart in the impact
bulkhead_crease1.JPG (13231 bytes) bulkhead_crease2.JPG (15164 bytes) bulkhead_crease3.JPG (16059 bytes)
Arrow points to crease on the bulkead panel adjacent to the heater box Another view of the same panel... ...and another.
damaged_battery_tray.JPG (22481 bytes) Battery panel buckled in the impact.
another_creased_panel.JPG (18203 bytes) And there is a crease in the panel behind the battery shelf.
panel_movement1.JPG (23926 bytes) Note too how all the panels have been shifted rewards by the impact on the left hand side (as indicated by the arrow)
panel_movement2.JPG (35463 bytes) Same point made by the picture here - the tyre well can be seen to have moved backwards on the left hand side.
wheel_detached.JPG (29534 bytes) And here is the explanation for the wheel lying at a crazy angle: the stub axle has been ripped out of the upper ball joint, and the lower ball joint 'pin' has sheared off... But on inspection there is no creasing of the subframe, nor around the subframe mounts - which is good news.
mileage.JPG (15951 bytes) And the last recorded mileage of Scarlet Fever - at the point of impact - 100,873.5 miles :o(