upgrading.gif (1429 bytes) MGTF suspension in more detail

Ideas for MGF suspension upgrades?


The MGTF was launched in early 2002, with much lauded improvements to it's chassis. In fact, I was one of the many people who were extolling the new car's virtues: it really is a very confident car to drive hard. One of the areas that received the greatest attention was the suspension system - and that is what is of interest to me, especially in terms of upgrading my own MGF. What parts are interchangeable, and what benefits are there in fitting these parts?

Thanks to Mike Satur for allowing me to photograph parts of his TF.

MGF_rear_suspension_figure.jpg (21615 bytes) Pictured left is a diagram of the MGF rear suspension system. In colour is highlighted the anti-roll bar and ARB link. Also note the rear tie-bar link and lower suspension arm: these are the areas that have been most modified in the MGF's transition into the TF.
  1. Hydragas sphere
  2. Shock absorber
  3. Upper suspension link
  4. Lower suspension link
  5. Rear tie-bar
  6. Rear anti-roll bar


rear_arb_link_small.JPG (31633 bytes) Pictured to the left are the rear suspension links of the MGTF. Here we can clearly see the anti-roll bar. Note that the suspension link is similar to the MGF item, but for a slightly different profile to ensure clearance around the top king-pin, and that the anti-roll bar link is longer, and appears to be cantered forward by about 10 degrees (rather than vertical on the MGF). The ARB's diameter has also increased by 1mm (both front and rear).

Compare this picture with the two views of the MGF rear suspension ARB (in this case, on Jerry Flint's MGF Trophy). Note that whilst the TF ARB link bolts to the outer surface of the ARB, on the MGF it is on the outside. The MGF link is shorter, but is mounted onto the stub axle higher than on the TF. It is difficult to judge whether the TF link is, in fact, longer than the MGF item from these images. I'd estimate that it is - but this needs some measuring up...

MGF_rear_arb_link.JPG (23747 bytes)   MGF_rear_arb_link3.JPG (22097 bytes)
rear_suspension_tiebar_link.JPG (31621 bytes) Here (left, top) is the same TF suspension but viewed from side on. The foward lean of the ARB link is more clearly demonstrated, and the longer length of the TF ARB can be seen.

This view also shows how the rear tie-bar of the MGF has been ditched in favour of this more substantially engineered affair. No rubber compression washers in this design!


MGF_rear_arb_link4.JPG (25010 bytes) Compare the above to the MGF rear suspension links (left) - very much thinner rear tie-bar, and note the shorter ARB link, with its much less marked forward-inclination.
rear_link_bracket_assembly_small.JPG (20723 bytes) A front quarter view of the rear subframe, seen removed from the car. The blue coloured cylindrical part on the subframe is the subframe mount to the TF's monocoque - and appears to be identical to that used on the MGF. The coil-over dampers are extremely compact, and are mounted into turrets welded onto the subframe. The subframe itself appears to be dimentially identical to that used on the MGF. A surprising observation is that the new 'tie-bar link' appears to be bolted onto the subframe, prompting thoughts that this link could be bolted onto an MGF subframe...

More investigations are required, but I think that there may be possibilities here for a hybridisation of MGF and TF parts, which could result in a very interesting car...

What I haven't yet got good photographs of are the lower suspension links. On the TF, these are very much longer than those on the MGF. On the TF, they are mounted from the centre of the subframe, whilst on the MGF, these are pivoted from the edges of the subframe...